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Friday, October 26, 2007
Dusting off the HQ

Still here.

Saturday, August 04, 2007
Testing... Testing

This is a test post to see if the old Imperial Headquarters are still working which, it would appear, it is.

I have no clue what is going on with HM right now, but they were having a major outage with servers out all over the board, so I'm sure they're more than busy fixing it right now.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Welcome to the Bunker!

This is where His Imperial Majesty will be sulking around in the future, should his new host be temporarily inconvenienced.

You might want to avoid this site in those cases, though, since His Majesty's already obnoxious temper is very likely to be even more repulsively repugnant, should such a situation occur.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

The Rott Has Moved!

Yes, dear readers, my journey to the Dark Side™ has been completed and I am now free of the yoke of Blogger™.

That being said, I would like to extend my thanks to Ev of Blogger™ for providing his services for free, a service without which I would most likely never have started blogging.

I would also be much amiss if I didn't extend my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who, by your reading my rants and coming back to read more, have encouraged me to stay in the business and take the next logical step.

Thank you, all of you!

In the future, my rants and raves can be found at:

Or, alternatively, please click here.

Please edit your permalinks and bookmarks accordingly.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble...
Well, not the "we" of the magnificent Rottie, but Paul Wright of TAANSTAFL might catch himself a bit of controversy over this post.

I have to say, though, that once you're done spurting coffee through your nose, you have to realize that he has a point: Why isn't the "Why Do They Hate Us?"-ninnies suggesting anything along those lines? Because they'd have to do the sacrificing themselves, rather than outsourcing it to the Israelis?

I report, I decide.

Fellow blogger and author of the rightly feared Iron Fisk Technique™, Cato the Youngest , was kind enough to point my Oppressor Nose in the direction of the latest offering from the well known Ass of a Flatulent Goat, Edward Sa'id.

Sucks monkey butt for poor ol' Eddie that his inane gibberish was snatched up by MEMRI, those "Evil Translators From Hell", at least as far as the lying Islamofascists are concerned.

Let us delve into his latest analogy, but wear full NBC protection as you go:

Not content with the Jews having a monopoly on being erm... Jews, Edward decides that the Paleosimians are the Jews of the 21st century and that Sharon is just as bad as Hitler was, which is interesting, not only for the crass stupidity and gross inaccuracy of the claim, but also considering that the Arab world otherwise seems to be in full denial with respect to the Holocaust, much like our own al-BoreBot, although, in "Big Honest Al"'s defense, you might claim that he's just, well, stupid.

So, in short, Eddie-baby is comparing the Paleosimians' fate with something that, according to his Arab brethren, never happened. Another prime example that reality is only accepted in the Arab world when it suits their purposes.

He starts off by recollecting what happened to the Jews in Europe during the 30s and 40s, which is a first for an Arab author. Somebody call Guiness, please:
"Sixty years ago, the Jews of Europe were at the lowest point of their collective existence. Herded like cattle into trains, they were transported from the rest of Europe by Nazi soldiers into death camps where they were systematically exterminated in gas ovens. They had offered some resistance in Poland, but in most places they first lost their civil status, then they were removed from their jobs, then they were designated official enemies to be destroyed, and then they were."

"In every significant instance they were the most powerless of people, treated as insidious, potentially overpowering enemies by leaders and armies whose own power was far, far greater; indeed, even the idea of Jews representing a danger to the might of countries like Germany, France, and Italy was preposterous. But it was an accepted idea, since with few exceptions most of Europe turned its back on them during their slaughter..."
Holy Moses! Truth in Arab Media???

But don't worry, Eddie is just warming up.
"Every human calamity is different, so there is no point in trying to look for equivalence between one and the other.
...but there being no point in it doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it anyways, especially if you're a mouthpiece for the Islamofascists...
But it is certainly true that one universal truth about the Holocaust is not only that it should never again happen to Jews, but that as a cruel and tragic collective punishment, it should not happen to any people at all.
#1 on the "But-Count". And true, it shouldn't happen to any people at all, which is exactly why we're doing our damndest to prevent you Bloviating Bilge Basins from creating "Holocaust, the Sequel".
But if there is no point in looking for equivalence, there is a value in seeing analogies and perhaps hidden similarities, even as we preserve a sense of proportion."
Logic, Eddie-style (and hit #2 on the "But-Counter"). If there's no point in taking the full leap into the realm of the illogic, then surely there's value in opening the door and taking a peek inside?

And he then goes on to gaily throw the "sense of proportion" that he vowed to preserve to the four winds...
Israel Makes Arafat Feel Like a Hunted Jew

"Quite apart from his actual history of mistakes and misrule, Yasser Arafat is now being made to feel like a hunted Jew by the state of the Jews.
"Quite apart from every single misdeed he's ever committed, which is the real reason that he's now holed up in the Ruins of Ramallah"... Nice going, Eddie... If I'd been as Monumentally Ignorant as your intended audience, I might even have bought it for a second.
There is no gainsaying the fact that the greatest irony of his siege by the Israeli army in his ruined Ramallah compound, is that his ordeal has been planned and carried out by a psychopathic leader who claims to represent the Jewish people.
Quite to the contrary: There is nothing but "gainsaying", you Flatulent Fuckwit of Islamicism.

For one thing, there's not any evidence that Sharon is "psychopathic", at least not by any standards employed by actual psychiatrists, for another, he does not "claim" to represent the Jewish people, he was duly elected by it in an arcane Western process known to the civilized world as "democratic elections".

I know all of this is too much for you to squeeze into the space behind your sloping forehead, but I'll be gracious and wait while you scramble to get your dictionary, Eddie.
I do not want to press the analogy too far,...
Yes you do, and you already have.
...but it is true to say that Palestinians under Israeli occupation today are as powerless as Jews were in the 1940s.
...'cept the Jews never had a habit of blowing themselves up in German Kindergartens, but let's not dwell on facts, your articles would be shortened considerably if that was to become a criterion for being published in the Arab Press...
Israel's army, air force and navy, heavily subsidized by the United States, have been wreaking havoc on the totally defenseless civilian population of the occupied West Bank and Gaza strip..."
"Wreaking havoc"?

Boy, you ain't seen havoc, and you'd better pray that the Israeli never sink as low as your Pali buddies, or you might end up actually getting a taste of it!

And what is this thing about "totally defenseless population"? I suppose that the IDF's fallen just tripped over their own feet, eh? And all of those AK-47s that your Paleosimian friends are so fond of waving and firing off into the air are nothing but fakes, shooting blanks?

And not a word about the totally defenseless Israeli civilian population on buses, in schools, in kindergartens, in pizzerias and in discos that used to be blown up on a regular basis by your "harmless, unarmed, defenseless" Pali splodeydopes, right?
'Criticism of Israeli Policy is Equated by the Zionists and their Allies with Antisemitism'

And still Sharon makes the case that Israel is struggling to survive against Palestinian terrorism.
This quite possibly because that's exactly what they're doing.
Is there anything more grotesque than this claim,
Oh yes... Here's an example:

"Islam is Peace".
even as this deranged killer of Arabs sends his F-16s, his attack helicopters and hundreds of tanks against unarmed people without any defenses at all?... As popular protests grow worldwide, the organized Zionist counter-response has been to complain that anti-semitism is on the rise... Criticism of Israeli policy is now routinely equated by the Zionists and their allies with antisemitism of the kind that brought about the Holocaust..."

"What conclusion is one to draw from all this?
That you Loonies of the Levant still don't get it and that the clock is running out... Fast!
That Israeli policy has been a disaster for the entire region.
It's only been a disaster for the nations of the region that wish Israel harm, that would like nothing more than to fulfill Adolf's dreams of an "Endlösung" to the "Jewish Problem" and I honestly don't have a problem with them experiencing a bit of "disaster".
The more powerful it becomes, the more ruin it sows in the countries around it, to say nothing of the catastrophes it has executed against the Palestinian people, and the more hated it becomes. It is power used for evil purposes, not self-defense at all.
Only if you define self-defense as "evil", which you obviously do, at least when it's Jews defending themselves.
The Zionist dream of a Jewish state being a normal state like all others has come to the vision of the leader of Palestine's indigenous people hanging on to his life by a thread,
[Snippety-snip!] Heh...
while Israeli tanks and bulldozers continue to wreck everything around him. Is this the Zionist goal for which hundreds of thousands have died?... Isn't it time for those who feel that his [i.e. Sharon's] appalling actions do not represent them to call a halt to his behavior?"
They have, and it was an impotent squeak drowned out by the roar of rigtheousness.

Now go contemplate the future, Eddie, you haven't got much left of it...

UPDATE: Oh, and while we're at comparisons of today and WWII, "Infidel" has been kind enough to send me the link some real connections between then and now.

You've gotta love the picture of Yasser Arafat's uncle discussing the "Endlösung" with "Uncle Adolf". It's priceless, I tell you.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002
Confessions Of a Moron...
It was just brought to my attention that I'm seriously lacking in the permalink dept.

Jennie Taliaferro has now been punching out consistently great entries since March, she's a fellow Texan, she's all over various and sundry blogs' comments and yet I, in my infinite ignorance, HAVEN'T YET PERMALINKED HER.

Too many Shiners under my belt, I suppose...

Well, it's now been corrected, now all I can do is thank my Maker that she hasn't shot me dead yet.

OK, THIS Needs Exposure!

Remember the Chief Liar, the Inventor of the Internet, al-Gore? Of course you do.

Well, as you know, he held one of his usual drone sessions not too long ago at the Commonwealth Club. What not so many people know is that there was a Q&A session afterwards and what even less people know is that there's a link to the audio of it right here.

Why's this important?, I hear you sensibly ask.

Well, take this little tidbit, courtesy of Rachel Lucas:
"I first spoke against the regime of Saddam Hussein in the fall of 1988, soon after he used poison gas against a minority within his own people. My father's older brother had been the victim of poison gas in World War I. Because of that fact, our family's oral histories had always put a special emphasis on the horror of those weapons. And you know, that generation impressed that same lesson on peoples around the world. We went through all of World War II without poison gas being used, save in some horrible experiments in the Far East, but not used by combatants. When Saddam became the first to break that taboo, it really set off alarm bells."
I'm sure that David Irving will be delighted to know that he's gotten himself a new friend in the Democratic Party.

Those 6 million Jews?

Never happened. They died of malnutrition or tuberculosis or something, because, in the words of al-Snore, poison gas was never used "save in some horrible experiments in the Far East".

Or maybe Germany is in the "Far East" in the BoreBot's atlas? Maybe Zyklon B isn't a "poison gas"? Maybe pigs fly? Maybe the Earth really is flat?

Now go ahead and say "that's not what he meant", "he's quoted out of context" and whatever other excuses for this Blithering Babboon's Ass you can come up with, but then answer me the following question:

Why haven't the press and the EUnuchs said a teensy weensy lil' bit about how "uneducated", if not downright "stupid", al-Gore is?

Nope, no bias here, move along...

UPDATE: And speaking of the continuing deterioration of the Donks in general, Sharp Knife has quite a few well-placed jabs too. Go read it now or the Baby Jesus will cry!

Monday, September 30, 2002
Taking a Snarky Break™
It seems that "The Torch" has finally admitted that he's... well... torched...:
Senator Robert G. Torricelli of New Jersey, his campaign for re-election grievously wounded by questions about his integrity, said today he was retiring from public life rather than hurt the Democratic Party.
Damn, a Donkey with an elementary grasp of Politics 101!

It's a crying shame, I tell you.
Declaring that he "could not stand the pain" if his political vulnerability cost his party control of the Senate, Mr. Torricelli said it was of paramount importance that Democrats name a worthy candidate to defeat the Republican candidate, Douglas R. Forrester, a man who "does not belong in the United States Senate."
Thanks for the advice, Mr... What was your name again?

Good thing you were available for comment on the worthiness of candidates too, otherwise I might've had to resort to the advice of Gov. Dioxin "Sellout" Davis. Of course, I could also call Reps. Thompson, McDermott and Bonior (those are excellent names for top billing on "This Week's Executions for Treason", by the way), but the long distance rates would kill me. Besides, it would be hard to understand what they're saying when they're taking Mr. Hussein "deep throat".
Gov. James E. McGreevey, who stood near Mr. Torricelli during the senator's somber appearance in Trenton, said the state Democratic Party would ask the New Jersey Supreme Court to allow Mr. Torricelli's name to be substituted on the ballot for the Nov. 5 election.
Just Say No... Of course, that's never gonna happen in that State.
Mr. Torricelli, occasionally choked with emotion as he recounted his two decades on Capitol Hill, declared that it was time for him to become a private citizen again, once he completes his first and only Senate term in January.

"You gave me the only life I ever wanted," he said, addressing his remarks to the people of New Jersey. "I gave you 20 years of my life."
...Cue violins... And could you hand me a barf bag, please?
Nor is there much about that life that he would change, he said, recalling his pride in helping to achieve social programs and environmental measures. But now, he said, he himself has become the issue.

"I will not be responsible for the loss of the Democratic majority in the United States Senate," he said. "There is just too much at issue."

Finally he gets a chance to do some good for his country and he balks at it. But he's a Democrap, so whaddaya expect?
Mr. Torricelli's decision came after a week in which his standing plummeted in public opinion polls and he was under increasing pressure from within his own party to step aside.
The horse's head in his bed was the final straw...
Senator Torricelli met on Sunday night with Governor McGreevey at Drumthwacket, the governor's mansion in Princeton, to discuss the Senate race. That meeting was followed by a discussion, also at the governor's mansion, with Democratic Party leaders and senior elected party officials.
...and a few fish wrapped in the NYT...
Mr. Torricelli's ethics difficulties,
Translation service: This is NYT-speak for "he got caught taking bribes" when it's a Democritter. If he'd been Republican, it would've been "Mr. [insert name here]'s involvement in shady deals and alleged connections to [insert major disaster occurring before, during or possibly after his time in politics]"
which culminated this past summer when he was admonished by his colleagues for accepting gifts from a businessman, have been blamed by political analysts for the dizzying plunge in his standing with the electorate — at least if the polls are accurate. Some polls have shown Mr. Torricelli going from a double-digit lead to a double-digit trailing position in just a few weeks.

The senator said he made his decision to withdraw after talking for hours with Governor McGreevey and Senator Jon Corzine, the state's junior Democratic senator, on Sunday night in the governor's study. He said he was unswayed by Senator Tom Daschle's opinion, offered to him this morning, that he could still win.
At least he's got the good sense to wipe his ass in Tiny Tom's advice, though I wish it hadn't been so.
In September alone, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spent $2.1 million on three television advertisements promoting Mr. Torricelli's positions on crucial voting issues in New Jersey, including abortion rights, environmental protection and gun safety.
What??? Not a word about The Children™? Oh, I forgot, his first issue sorta leaves them out.
The Forrester camp has been relentless in trying to make Mr. Torricelli's ethics the main campaign issue, and Mr. Torricelli has responded in kind.
Evil mean 'publicans! Here's the honorable Mr. Torricelli, nobly speaking about abortions for everyone (sadly, abortion was not an option when his mother was pregnant), close off the environment to everyone and only allow criminals to have guns and that EEEEEEEEEEEEvil Mr. Forrester questions his ethics? Oh, the HUMANITY!!!

And don't forget the lovely "and Mr. Torricelli has responded in kind"... He didn't start it... He was forced to! Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
As recently as Friday, Mr. Torricelli was vowing to keep pounding away at Mr. Forrester. "I must say I cannot respect a man who seems to have so little regard for the issues that are important to the people of New Jersey," he said in an interview with The Record of Hackensack.
I must say, however, that I cannot respect an Idiotarian who attempts to monopolize on "what's important for the poor, ignorant masses of New Jersey". It seems the good people of New Jersey tend to agree with me.
Throughout his political career Mr. Torricelli showed a flair for self-promotion, fund-raising and hardball partisan politics.
That's NYT-speak for "bragging, taking bribes from anyone with a briefcase full of money and lying about the opponent", when it's a Donk they're talking about.

I kinda wish that the slimeball would've stayed around for a Fisking at the polls, but I guess there's still a possibility that the wholly owned subsidiary of the Donk party, the judiciary of New Jersey, put a stop to his withdrawal.

Public Service Announcement:
If the Free Icecream Cones seem a little smaller these days, my dear and loyal readers, I ask you humbly to bear with me.

I'm currently working on an erm... "project" and I promise I'll work my way back to speed soon.

In the meantime, please continue checking in (I'm not totally gone) and don't hesitate to make use of the list of Very Fine Blogs™ on the left side of the page.

Thank you.