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Tuesday, October 01, 2002
OK, THIS Needs Exposure!

Remember the Chief Liar, the Inventor of the Internet, al-Gore? Of course you do.

Well, as you know, he held one of his usual drone sessions not too long ago at the Commonwealth Club. What not so many people know is that there was a Q&A session afterwards and what even less people know is that there's a link to the audio of it right here.

Why's this important?, I hear you sensibly ask.

Well, take this little tidbit, courtesy of Rachel Lucas:
"I first spoke against the regime of Saddam Hussein in the fall of 1988, soon after he used poison gas against a minority within his own people. My father's older brother had been the victim of poison gas in World War I. Because of that fact, our family's oral histories had always put a special emphasis on the horror of those weapons. And you know, that generation impressed that same lesson on peoples around the world. We went through all of World War II without poison gas being used, save in some horrible experiments in the Far East, but not used by combatants. When Saddam became the first to break that taboo, it really set off alarm bells."
I'm sure that David Irving will be delighted to know that he's gotten himself a new friend in the Democratic Party.

Those 6 million Jews?

Never happened. They died of malnutrition or tuberculosis or something, because, in the words of al-Snore, poison gas was never used "save in some horrible experiments in the Far East".

Or maybe Germany is in the "Far East" in the BoreBot's atlas? Maybe Zyklon B isn't a "poison gas"? Maybe pigs fly? Maybe the Earth really is flat?

Now go ahead and say "that's not what he meant", "he's quoted out of context" and whatever other excuses for this Blithering Babboon's Ass you can come up with, but then answer me the following question:

Why haven't the press and the EUnuchs said a teensy weensy lil' bit about how "uneducated", if not downright "stupid", al-Gore is?

Nope, no bias here, move along...

UPDATE: And speaking of the continuing deterioration of the Donks in general, Sharp Knife has quite a few well-placed jabs too. Go read it now or the Baby Jesus will cry!