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Saturday, September 28, 2002
More Linky Love
Yeah, I know, but there's so much good stuff out there that I haven't linked to, so I'm playing catch up here.

(This has nothing to do with the fact that my mind keeps drawing blanks today, just know that at least I'm considerate enough to give you pointers to great stuff while you're waiting for your favorite Ranting Rottie to come up with new stuff)

Kieran Lyons is kind enough to rip Idiotarian Anatol Lieven a fresh one (don't worry, I don't know Anatol from Adam either, but that doesn't detract from the amusement of watching him being torn to shreds in the least bit) and the results make me reach the conclusion that Kieran is another one on the list of people I'd rather not end up on the wrong side of.

And wait, there's MORE:

This is the most brilliant Fisking™ I've ever seen of the useless tripe that "The Mirror" published a while ago.

Big S Blog uses no words, only pictures, and in so doing produces one of the most stunning rebuttals that I've ever seen.

You earned yourself a permanent spot on my blogroll for that one, buddy!

Not to be outdone, my favorite Berkeley Anti-Idiotarian (for all that I know, he may be the only one, but the quality of his blog more than makes up for that) savages Barbara "I Love Dictators" Lee and leaves her bloodied carcass steaming in the California sun.

Now I have a few things to say about this particular traitor bitch: I'd dearly love to shoot her several times through her skull, pound her body into a fine paste, let it dry and then pour gasoline over it and set fire to it. Afterwards, I'd take a refreshing piss on the ashes, pour salt on the ground and plow it several times.

But that's the nice part of me speaking, so please don't make me angry, Babs...