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Saturday, September 28, 2002
Looks Like We're Finally Getting Ready to Roll...
As you all know by now, the Turks apprehended a cabbie trucking around 33lbs of weapons-grade uranium some 155 miles away from the border of Iraq.

I can already hear the entire Loony Left going into deep denial and trying to come up with a link to oiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllll for this one.

Sure, this one was caught, but that doesn't mean very much, really. What his sashaying around the Turkish countryside with this lethal load does imply is that it's far from paranoid to assume that Saddam's gotten his hands on some already or, at the very least, will eventually.

It's in your hands now, Dubya: Either we roll, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, or you'll live on in infamy as the impotent limp-wrister who sat by and listened to world opinion while the slaughter of millions of Americans was being planned.

Your choice.

UPDATE: From the "tee-hee" Dept.: I'm sure that the fat old alkie and cowardly fuck Ted Kennedy is beginning to wish that it was his girlfriend and not he who made it out of the icy Chappaqua waters, having made this statement just hours before the Turks made the arrest.

UPDATE the 2nd: So now there's much less of the stuff than originally reported, just a few grams, actually. Hmm... First it's 33 lbs, then it's not weapons-grade after all, now it's only a few ounces and it's still supposedly worth $5 million? And the Turkish authorities are "still investigating whether it was destined for a neighboring country". True, we may not know that yet, but I find it highly unlikely that the cab driver was just taking a local nuclear plant's uranium rods for a ride 'round the countryside. I may not be an engineer, but I haven't ever heard of that being standard practice.

Ultimately it doesn't matter. What this incident proves is that there is uranium floating around on the black market and this particular batch happened to be "floating around" uncomfortably close to a country run by a certified genocidal lunatic. What I'm left wondering is how much of the stuff hasn't been intercepted by authorities and how much of it is still on its way to Iraq.

And rather than sitting around waiting to find out, I suggest we go in immediately and render the question moot by pounding Saddam and his acolytes into a fine paste.