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Friday, September 27, 2002
It's Official At Last:
The blithering blister of bovine bloviations, Ramsey Clark, has finally lost the last two remaining cracked marbles:
July 29, 2002

Dear Ambassador,

Any remaining hope the peoples of the United Nations have to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war through the United Nations would be crushed by another United States attack on Iraq.
...That has to be the most horrible attempt at mangling the English language that I've seen in a long time, not to mention that it makes no sense at all.

So the future of World Peace (which is, reportedly, good for Children and Other Living Things™) hinges upon whether or not the US goes to war against Saddam or not? Impressive. Amazing that he couldn't find it in himself to get Global Warming™ in there too, but maybe that's due to him being the main cause of it with all the hot air that he's blowing...

What about the hopes of succeeding generations of Americans, such as hoping that they might never again have to witness a 9/11 or worse? These are, of course, irrelevant, especially to a former Attorney General of a Democrap administration. Well, at least this one is not directly responsible of burning American children.
Threats to attack, invade and overthrow the government of Iraq by President George Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, various cabinet officers and Pentagon officials have been routine for a year.
...and a sizable portion of the American population, who are all just itching to go...
The psychological warfare is itself a crime against peace and violates the U.N. Charter.
It is? Well, in that case, Saddam should perhaps reconsider his numerous threats against the US and her allies. Perhaps he should reconsider the wisdom of trying to assassinate a former President, perhaps he should reconsider the genius in being involved with bombing the WTC...
Today's front-page headline story in the New York Times, "U.S. Exploring Baghdad Strike As Iraq Option," is typical of the in terrorem intention of the threats. The danger to civilian life in Baghdad from such a strike would be enormous.
Apart from the fact that the only ones likely to hear of this in Iraq are the members of Saddams junta, and I most certainly don't have a problem with them shitting their pants, I don't see why the allegedly "terrified" Iraqi population aren't leaving Baghdad in droves, then.
I think so too. Because it would be the last act ever of that odious body of dictators.
If the United Nations is unable to restrain the United States, a permanent member of the Security Council, from committing crimes against peace and humanity as well as war crimes against a nation that has already been violated by the U.S. beyond endurance, mandated by the UN itself, one should add.
then what is the United Nations worth?
Don't get me started on what the UN is worth, please, I'm fresh out of vitriol... At any rate, I happen to have the total amount stuffed somewhere behind the back seat of my car. Let me go get it.
At the very least, opposition to any attack or attempt to overthrow the government of Iraq by force must be publicly expressed by the United Nations.
Oh NO! Not the Furious Scowl™!!! Please! Will nobody think of The Children™?

I think that you just got a demonstration of the UN's "worth".
Well, guess what, Ramsey-boy? Wars aren't being fought by Queensbury Rules. We don't have to sit by until the enemy has built up a force equal to our own before pummeling the shit out of them.

Besides, the "defenseless" Iraqis would've been a whole lot less "defenseless" if their jet jockeys hadn't taken off to hide in Iran and if their troops hadn't been preoccupied with performing a "French Advance" along the Highway of Death. The ones that weren't busy surrendering to army cooks and CNN news crews, that is.
The U.S. led and glorified the massive assault on Iraq in January and February 1991. The Pentagon announced it conducted 110,000 aerial sorties against the defenseless "cradle of civilization,"
For once the sneer quotes are highly appropriate.

The baby has grown up, left the cradle, moved out and never calls anymore.
dropping 88,500 tons of bombs. The widespread bombing destroyed the economic viability of the civilian society throughout the nation.
More importantly, it destroyed the military viability of the Butcher of Baghdad.
It killed tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens and others. A major part of the bombing was directed at civilians and civilian facilities.
Sure it was, Ramsey. I remember clearly how everybody was briefed on how to avoid wasting munitions on military target so's not to let one single "baby milk factory" go untouched.
It was less accurate than the recent indiscriminate attacks in Afghanistan.
That would make it... lemme see... "hyper-indiscriminate"? "super-indiscriminate"? "extra-plus-grand-indiscriminate With Cheese!"?
U.S. bombs destroyed Iraqi water systems, electric power transmission, communications, transportation, manufacturing, commerce, agriculture, poultry and livestock, food storage facilities, markets, fertilizer and insecticide production, business centers, archeological and historical treasures, apartment houses, residential areas, schools, hospitals, mosques, churches and synagogues.
Ahhh... I remember that too... The world famous Jewish Quarter of Baghdad with its towering synagogues, sadly no more thanks to the Evil Mairkins precision-bombing anybody spotted wearing a yarmulke.

As to the civilian facilities that really were hit, I've got a hint for Saddam, Ramsey and Scott Ritter, the goat-felching menages-a-trois of Tikrit and burbs:

Sticking your military facilities smack in the middle of residential areas is a very bad idea. It's also against the 4th Geneva Convention, a document that Ramsey and the rest of the Loony Left studiously avoid mentioning, except for the odd out-of-context excerpt. It's an actual War Crime, you know.
The Pentagon stated its casualties were 156. One third were from "friendly fire"; the rest were accidental. The U.S. had no combat casualties.
Damn good job, if you ask me.

Of course, the friendly fire incidents were nothing short of tragedies and I wish dearly that they'd never happened, but it says a lot about the capabilities of your own Army, compared to that of the enemy, when your likelihood of being shot by the enemy is infinitely smaller than of being shot by mistake by your own.
Of course we did. We positively had to shove the sanctions down the throats of the UN, ignoring vetoes and cries of outrage left, right and center.

I often find myself wondering what color the sky is in Ramsey and his fellow Idiotarians' world?
The U.S. crafted economic sanctions against Iraq which the Security Council approved on August 6, 1990, the 45th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima.
This coincidence is significant because... erm... well it IS, dammit!
Those sanctions are the direct cause of the very cruel deaths of more than a million people.
Nope. The direct cause of those deaths (that aren't even approaching "more than a million") is Saddam's unwillingness to use the more than 30 billion dollars that have been flowing into Iraq since the Gulf War for anything except palaces, weapons of mass destruction and race horses for his retarded hell-spawn Uday.
This is the greatest crime against humanity, in the last decade of the most violent century in history.
It certainly is a crime, but oddly enough you seem hell-bent on protecting the criminal... Well, birds of a feather, I suppose...
Each painful death of an individual wasting away--from malnutrition; Kwashiorkor; the rush of dehydration from contaminated water and from diseases was preventable.
And yet the UN chose to sit on its hands for a decade while Saddam was starving his own people (the ones he weren't gassing).
The sanctions continue to this time to cause hundreds of deaths each day.
That's the, let's see, the third time you say that. It still isn't true, Ramsey. Have you been channeling the ghost of Goebbels again? Bad boy, I told you not to do that! Now go to your room and sulk with Scott and don't let me hear that nonsense again!
Every United Nations agency dealing with food, health and children--including FAO, WFP, WHO, UNICEF--has proclaimed the horror, magnitude and responsibility for this human catastrophe.

The great majority of the deaths caused by the sanctions...
...I HEARD THAT, Ramsey! Don't MAKE me come up there!... Sheesh... Kids nowadays...
...are infants, children, the elderly, the chronically ill and emergency medical cases. These are the people most vulnerable to polluted water, malnutrition, and the lack of medicines and medical equipment and supplies.

U.S. claims that it is the Iraqi government that is responsible for deaths from shortages of food and medicine are false.
(Sneaky little brat!) LISTEN, Ramsey! Rephrasing it won't do it either! It's STILL nonsense!
The U.S. blocked oil sales by Iraq for six years before appearing to yield to humanitarian pleas to permit oil sales to purchase food and medicine. Since 1997, when sales began, it has effectively frustrated and delayed the Oil for Food program, which does not provide sufficient income at the levels approved to stop the daily deterioration of health and growing death rates in Iraq.
It's provided $34 billion. I'd say that's a lot of Medicaid and Meals on Wheels right there, but of course, when you have to deduct necessary expenses such as nuclear reactors, biolabs and palaces, there's not a whole lot left.
Before sanctions there was virtually no malnutrition in Iraq and free hospital, health services and medicines were a model for the region. Its present system of government distribution of available food staples is a model of fairness and efficiency, lacking only in quantity and variety of food.
"He's a sadistic, child-murdering son of a bitch, but he's a fair sadistic, child-murdering son of a bitch!"

I feel so bad about wanting his head now on a spike now.

The U.S. has engaged in air strikes against Iraq at will since March 1991, when the massive attacks averaging one aerial sortie every 30 seconds ended.
The air strikes would have been much fewer and further between if Saddam's trigger-happy serfs would have abstained from lobbing SAMs against our boys every once and again.
Without losing a single plane, U.S. attacks have killed: cleaning personnel at the Al Rashid Hotel in Baghdad in a failed attempt to assassinate Saddam Hussein; scores of people each year in attacks on radar stations in or near the U.S.-imposed no-fly zones; all the persons aboard a U.N. helicopter shot down by U.S. aircraft; and civilians from all walks of life,
Damn those unfair Mairkins! Not losing a single plane! If they'd only hold still while Uday aims the sling shot!
...including the internationally famous artist and Director of Iraqis' National Center for Arts, Leila al Attar.
Leila al... who? Hopefully it's not the "artist" responsible for those hideous over-sized murals of the Chief Executor, because then I can only regret that it wasn't done much sooner.

The U.S. has falsely claimed that Iraq is working to develop weapons of mass destruction to attack the U.S., Israel, its neighbors and others.
I'm sure the Kuwaitis, the Soddies (if they weren't too afraid of their own population to speak) and the Israelis would beg to differ. Somehow I don't think that the Iranis staged a phony war with Iraq just to keep attention away from domestic problems, somehow I don't think that the Kuwaitis just pretended to have been occupied by the Iraqi army and somehow I don't think that the Soddies would've invited our Armed Forces to sleep over if there hadn't been a threat.
The U.S. claimed its 1991 attacks destroyed 80% of Iraq's military capacity. The U.N. inspection efforts claimed to discover and dismantle 90% of Iraq's post-1991 capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction.
...and the Finns claim that Santa Claus comes from Finland.

No matter what, even 10% is 11% too much and I don't even want to think about what has happened to that number since Iraq, in blatant defiance of the UN, kicked the inspectors out in '98.
Iraq, its peoples and resources are exhausted. It has a "stunted" generation of children under age 10 and a debilitated population at all ages. It is the victim of the worst crime against humanity in recent decades.
Now I need that damn violin again.

Wouldn't you say that it's about time that we cleaned up the pig sty so that the Iraqi people might rejoin the human race? Of course you don't.

Two of the highest U.N. officials responsible for U.N. weapons inspection within Iraq and a principle U.S. citizen participating in the inspections have resigned, denounced the sanctions and denied that there is a threat that Iraq will develop weapons of mass destruction.
It's a good thing you don't name names, Ramsey, because if you'd used the words "Ritter" and "principled" in the same sentence, I'd have come to your room and beat the stuffing out of you with a marinated halibut!
The U.S. has more nuclear weapons than all other nations combined as well as the most sophisticated and numerous systems for the delivery of nuclear weapons, including the Trident II submarine fleet. It possesses the greatest stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and the most advanced and extensive research in mass destruction weaponry in the world. Military spending by the U.S. exceeds that of the nine next largest budgets for war combined. President Bush has repeatedly declared the right to strike first. The U.S. attacked Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs and continues to justify those acts.
You just made a fine case for crawling into the nearest corner and mewling "please don't hit me", didn't you?

Isn't it odd, given all of this massive weaponry and our alleged Dreams of Empire, that the Star Spangled Banner isn't flying from Casablanca to Kandahar?

You go ahead and connect the dots now, Ramsey. Here's a crayon.
The U.S. has renounced treaties controlling nuclear weapons and their proliferation; voted against the protocol enabling enforcement of the Biological Weapons Conventions; and rejected the treaty banning land mines, the International Criminal Court and virtually every other international effort to control and limit war.
Nope. We've rejected each and every effort by international unelected bodies to exert influence over our national sovereignty, for the very good reason that it would be unconstitutional.
The U.S. War Against Terrorism is a declaration of right by the U.S. to attack first--anyone, anywhere, on mere suspicion, or without excuse, unilaterally.
Actually, that right is inherent in our status as a sovereign nation and not dependent on any War on Terror.

Again, have you ever wondered why the entire world isn't a colony of the US if we're all that mean, considering our awesome power? Could it be that we don't want one shitty acre of the rest of the world? Could it be that we tend to only use power when people mess with us? Well, punk... Could it?
The U.S. wants to overthrow the government of Iraq and many others in violation of law. Unless restrained the chance for peace and global equality of economic, social, cultural and political opportunity among nations will be lost. Which government presents the greater threat to peace globally or for Mesopotamia and its neighbors--the U.S. or Iraq?
Well.. Given that we only go to war when provoked and that Iraq goes to war whenever Saddam thinks he can get away with it...

Do you have any hard questions, Ramsey dear?

If, as promised so many times, the U.S. does attack Iraq to overthrow its government, it will be the most notorious, arrogant and contemptuous violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the Nuremberg Charter and international law yet experienced, or likely hereafter.
...except perhaps for the overthrow of the Japanese and German governments back in '45, overthrows that Ramsey, presumably, also violently opposes.

Well, your friends Adolf and Tojo got themselves killed, Ramsey, and it seems that you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to come up with new playmates these days.
Only absolute power unrestrained by any rule of law or standard of human decency openly taunts an intended victim as President Bush has taunted Iraq.
Is this where we're supposed to feel sorry for poor, "taunted" Saddam?
Because the U.S. has committed historic injustices against Iraq, most during his father's presidency, and still seeks dominion in the region, President Bush, his Vice President and others in his administration hate Iraq and want finally to destroy it.

I am writing this letter to you; to each U.N. Representative of a Security Council Member; the President of the General Assembly; and President Bush. This is one of a series of letters describing and protesting U.S. and UN wrongs against Iraq.
If you keep up the unintended humorous qualities of your Inane Idiocies, they might actually be read before they're sent to the shredder too.
The threatened wrong addressed here is the worst. If twelve years after its devastating aerial assault and after twelve years of genocidal sanctions, the omnipresent risk and frequent fact of random attack with the ever present stalking by U.S. aircraft and endless threats against its helpless victim, the U.S. commits its coup d'grace on the people of Iraq to the silence of the U.N. and wealthy nations of the world, human shame and impotence will doom us to ever greater violence.
Pop a Viagra™, Ramsey, that'll take care of your impotence.

As to your shame... Well, just keep the lights turned off, OK?

I urge you to immediately activate the United Nations, the General Assembly, the Security Council and all its agencies...
The UN's been deactivated? Is English really your first language, Ramsey? denounce the continuing threats by the United States against Iraq, to demand immediate cessation of the threats and to warn the United States that an attack by it on Iraq will violate the Charter of the United Nations, international law and the friendship of all who seek peace and respect the dignity of humanity.
...not to mention the plague of frogs, don't forget the frogs!
OK, this is where I just couldn't stand it anymore...

This guy used to be Attorney-friggin'-GENERAL???
An attack on Iraq by the United States would also violate the Constitution and laws of the United States and expose President Bush to impeachment by the House of Representatives under the Constitution of the United States for the highest of crimes, those against peace and humanity, to judgment by the United States Senate and trial in federal court for crimes charged.

Unfortunately in recent years our Constitution has been more honored in the breach than in faithful observance of the rights it is intended to protect for all. But the effort to hold accountable any U.S. authority who participates in an assault against Iraq will be made here by those who love their country and for that reason insist that its acts be just.

Sincerely, Ramsey Clark
Your assignment for tomorrow, Ramsey:

Read the Constitution, ALL of it, then sit down in a dark corner and hit yourself over the head with it until you pass out.

Repeat as necessary.

(Link courtesy of Midwest Conservative Journal)