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Thursday, September 26, 2002
It's Link Time In the Blogosphere
...and it gives me great pleasure to introduce a new one to the lot of you, the "Sharp Knife".

Just landed, he's hit the ground running and the Rottweiler staff (me, my dog and the voices in my head) wish him a long and happy stay in this weird and wacky part of the web.

In other linkagery, I'm alerted to the existence of another blogger, Peter Salomon, who's taken it upon himself to Fisk the unintentionally hilarious "letters to the editor" of Arab News. The Rottie would like to utter his appreciation of this selfless act, but he's currently chewing on a bone (half an ox, to be precise) and couldn't be reached for comment. Check it out! (The blog, NOT the Rottie with the bone!)

And finally, there's "Kesher Talk", a blog so fine that I'm ashamed to not have linked it earlier. But it's a big blogiverse out there...