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Saturday, September 28, 2002
Grady Makes a Promise That He'll Soon Retract...
Grady Olivier of Kumbaya HQ "fame" restates his promise that he'll prove himself not a "chickenblogger" by going to Iraq as a human shield. Of course, being the Lefty Loon that he is, there are conditions attached, said conditions being that an equal number of "chickenhawk" warbloggers accompany him to the sandy wastelands of Iraq.

I'm in. I've stated this from the very beginning of the war that I'd be happy to jump back into my fatigues if only the Gov't would ease up on their demand that re-enlisters be under the age of 35, a demand that I cannot meet.

There are many reasons why my government should show some leniency on my behalf. For one thing, I've got something that most of the kids currently in uniform don't have, namely experience. Now I'm not belittling their sacrifice, far from it. I was one of them once and they will get experience with time and, no matter what, I salute each and every one of them for putting themselves on the line for the country that they love. They've all got more worth in their individual little fingers than all of the civilian chickens combined.

But one thing I will say is that, whereas they're currently in their prime, at the very beginning of their lives, I've already enjoyed the fruits of life more than they have. I have a wonderful wife, a great job and two awesomely adorable little boys. To put it bluntly, I could go to my grave right now and don't feel cheated, 'coz I've had it all. I would love to enjoy it until I'm at least a hundred, but if I had to choose between a kid of 19 and myself, I'd punch the ticket myself immediately.

So I'm not afraid to die. I don't want to, there's too much left for me to experience, but I'm not afraid. I've been blessed with everything I've ever hoped for and more and I'd be happy to give whatever remains of my life to ensure that my sons have the same opportunities that I've had.

I love my wife, I love my children and it's because of that unconditional love, not in spite of it, that I'd gladly lay down my life to protect them.

Your move, Grady, you cowardly fuck...

UPDATE: I have just filed an additional request for re-enlistment with the U.S. Army, hoping for a positive reply this time. I'll keep you updated. See you in Baghdad, Grady!