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Friday, September 27, 2002
Ann Coulter, Hot or Not?
...and no, I'm not going to be talking about her looks, because they matter as little to me as her shoe size.

All the Cool Kids are talking 'bout her, so I thought I'd finally come around and offer my silly 2 cents on the matter too. Peer pressure, running dog lackey, you name it, I'm it.

It seems to have become quite fashionable in the Right Wing Blogosphere to single Ann out for derision. I'm not quite sure if it's because of her language or if it's because some Right Wingers aren't quite comfortable in their Right Wing skins and would like some scapegoat that they can take out their anger on so's to be able to say "look, I don't agree with everything the Righties say" (in which case they can just hobble on back to the Left where they rightfully (pun intended) belong, as far as I'm concerned), or if it's because they're really, honestly upset by her use of invective, in which case they can do the same.

Now let it be known that I sometimes find Ann crude in her remarks (such as the remark about wishing that Timothy McVeigh had hit the NYT instead, a remark she herself immediately acknowledged was out of line), but I am not going to use her as a whipping-gal to satisfy a vain urge to be accepted among the PC crowd.

I'm not PC, I never have been and I never will, and I steadfastly refuse to be lured into the snare of moderating my language to sound "reasonable". If I'm pissed off, I'm pissed off and I want whoever's listening to me to know that I'm pissed off! I offer no apologies, no moderation, no "well that wasn't nice". If that's what you're looking for, go talk to a professional pol who depends on his use of PC language for a living, 'coz I ain't offering.

I will be happy to go on the record as saying "that remark about the NYT was awful and I certainly wouldn't want the fate of the WTC visited upon anybody (with Islamofascists as the possible exception), no matter how much I disagree with them", but I will not go through an idiotic song and dance about denouncing her in general because of a few heated remarks just to appease the Leftie Loons who keep claiming that we approve of anything a Conservative says.

I wouldn't cross the street to piss on a Leftie Loon if his pants were on fire, so I certainly won't smear one of the most intelligent, erudite Conservatives that we have as a sacrificial lamb to people that I respect less than the crap I scrape off the soles of my shoes on a daily basis.

And I won't be a condescending prick towards my fellow conservatives in assuming that anybody with an IQ above room temperature doesn't know that Ann didn't literally wish for a jet liner to crash into Pravda on the Hudson.

And that brings me to the fresh controversy about Fisking™ as a legitimate form of argument.

Bargarz brought it up (at least that's where I caught the whiff of it) and he referred to a post by the Brothers Volokh where they (or he, being Eugene) debate the effectiveness or legitimacy of the method.

Now I like the Volokhs, but if the point they're trying to get at is that you can't use invective in criticism, as in "Queensbury Rules" for dissent, then they can go heartily screw themselves. I do agree that critique that never rises above the level of "you're stupid" is useless, but I refuse vehemently to abide by a set of arbitrary PC "rules" for what words I can use to criticize my opponents.

If they're, in my opinion, ass-licking, boot-kissing sons of bitches, I reserve the right to say that they are. If it hurts their sensitive feelings, then so be it. I don't give an Islamofascist fuck.

I make sure, just as any other "Fisker™" that I know of, that I link to the original that I'm Fisking™, so's my readers can jump to it and decide for themselves whether I've crossed the line or not. If they think that I'm being too rough on the Fiskee™, then they can go read Mr. Rogers for all that I care, I won't miss 'em.

I hate "PC" with a passion and if I don't accomplish anything else in this life than to let my readers know that I mean what I say and that I say what I mean, then I'll be satisfied, PC be damned.

If you don't like it, then piss off, and don't let the door kick you in your hypersensitive butts on the way out.

And that's all I have to say on that subject, at least for now...